When you started thinking about to build a website then you have to knowledge about website building planning. I suggest you to first build a free website then pay money for website

Today I m going to show the complete process to build a free website.

So let’s get a start,

First, you need to go the website called 000webhot

build a free website

Step 1 to build a free website

Its something looks like that the image above. This provides a free platform to build a free website. Then you just have to do is click on the free sign up button and add an account. you can create your account by Gmail, Facebook and also by fill there form.

build a free wbsite

I personally suggest that you should go with sign up with google. It’s an easy process which can take less time than others.

Then it will take your google account. which account you will choose your account will make by that Gmail. Always remember your id and password. although it saves your password.

when you choose your account it will take a few moments and you will go to my website panel.

Build a free website

Then click to create a new website. Then it will show a pop-up. In this, you have to put your website name and password.

Build a free website

Just like the image above. You should fill both filed.

When you fill write your website name and password then click on the create button.

It will take a few moments to create your free website panel. Then it shows four options.

Step 2 to build a free website

build a free website

If you want to make an easy website then click on the first option. and if you want to make a WordPress website then click on WordPress.

I personally suggest you should click on WordPress because you can create a dynamic website by WordPress.

When you click on WordPress it will show a pop-up for the write admin name, admin password, Url will be pre-filled and you set the language according to you. It will show English by default.

build a free website

When you filled all the field then click on install and installation will be started. WordPress installation will take some time and then you will show the WordPress control panel.

Here the full information about how to build a free website.

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